Bass Boat Wiring


I have a 1989 Bass Tracker Pro 17′ bass boat and need help with the boat wiring.

I keep blowing fuses. The fuse panel became wet a year ago along with all of the wires, the boat almost sank in a very bad storm which left two feet of water in the boat, everything got wet. Bass Tracker

I have traced wire after wire and have decided after wasting hours time that the panel might need to be replaced?? I can not find a boat wiring diagram for this boat anywhere on the net. I’ve replaced a couple of switches and bought a lot of wire and hours of time has been spent re-wiring on thing at a time without any solutions.

I’m considering one of the panel rewire kits from EzAcDc.

I have heard that you helped to design this system…can you tell me if it’s going to fix everyhting for me?


Hi Caroline,

The switch panel rewire kit will provide you with a new fuse block and all new wiring – but only for your boat’s switch panel. But, if you combine this with an EzAcDc boat wiring harness, you will have replaced all of the accessory wiring on your boat.

The harness is sold in several different configurations. By far the easiest to install is the “snap together” version. It is plug compatible with all of the new wiring on your switch panel, so it goes in very quickly.

And, if you would like to replace all of your switches, our partners at Ez have a complete switch kit that will easily connect to the rewire kit.

Hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions,