Radio Requiem

Hi Kevin,

I have a 19 ft open fisherman and the marine electrical includes a boat battery switch.

Over the winter one of the batteries reversed polarity, and I had the thing hooked up per their diagram. I have removed the bad battery, and have my accessories run to a marine electric fuse block.
My VHF fuse blows as soon as I replace it, and when it blows my GPS cuts off, and will not cut back on for a while. I have wiring coming from the battery red to the positive side, and black to the negative boat bus bar. Everything goes through its separate fuse but none on the fuse block blow.

I have no idea what is wrong. Could it be a bad ground on the motor, or could the radio be blown and have a dead short causing this?

Finally, I’m trying to save up for a new set of fishing rod holders, so if there is any way that I can avoid paying for the fix, it would be great.



It is very possible that there was some internal damage to the radio.

Eliminate all of the boat wiring and connect the radio directly to the boat battery (with an in-line fuse). If it still blows the fuse, the radio is done.

If the radio still works, start tracing the wires that are common between the VHF and the GPS. There may be a bad/burnt connection that resulted from your marine wiring mishap.



The radio still blows fuse when hooked up to battery alone.

Could the short in the radio cause the battery to reverse polarity? By the way I ran the battery down to zero, and have it on charge and it is showing a positive charge now.



The battery should be fine, but I’m afraid that the radio is dead :(