Six into Eight?


According to your marine wire size calculator, I should be using 6AWG tinned boat wiring on my new Motorguide trolling motor.

After running the boat wire, I found that the Marinco trolling motor connector can’t handle any wire larger than 8 gauge. Marinco makes an a adapter, but where the plug is installed, there is no room for it.BEP is one of the world's top suppliers of marine electrical components for boat wiring

Can I splice a short piece of 8 gauge wire on the end of my wiring run to connect to my trolling plug?


Hi Maurice,

The 6 AWG marine wire was required to reduce voltage drop in the system. If the run would have been short, 8 AWG would have been acceptable.

With this in mind, then it is acceptable to run a short section of 8 AWG to a junction block and then connect both sets of wires to the studs. This is a common marine electrical practice.

Good luck,