Smart enough for different batteries?


I am considering adding one of the new Automatic Smart Battery Switches to my Smokercraft fishing boat wiring setup.

My understanding is that you designed the system. If that’s correct, is it compatible with gel batteries? Can it be used with one lead/acid battery and one gel battery?

Thank you.A voltage sensitive relay is the smart part of a boat's smart battery switch.


Hi John,

I did configure the system for our partner boat wiring site, but the actual engineering was done by the component companies.

The smart part of our smart battery switch system is the BEP Voltage Sensitive Relay – or VSR. It makes the connection between the batteries when either battery rises about 13.7 volts and breaks the connection when the system drops below 12.8 volts. The VSR does not care what battery type is connected to either side.

The charging curves for Gel cells and lead acid are typically quite different. Our smart system will combine the batteries together and allow the two batteries to be charged by the engine alternator at the same time. If you are using one lead acid and one gel cell and the VSR as your only charging means, the lead acid will be under-charged and the gel cell will be over charged.

Hope this helps,